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Welcome to Dynamic Systems


Welcome to Dynamic Systems – an IT company specialized in web and eCommerce development, flash animation, programming, games and applications design, multimedia, 3D modeling, marketing ads, logos and identity design since 1999.  Working in web development since more than a decade ago, we have already completed hundreds of projects. Some of them are listed in our Portfolios.

The main aim of this site is to help our customers to have an easier start for their projects. In particular, our Portfolios are categorized and divided into sections and subsections, so that it is possible to view portfolio items of one type only (such as: stores, sites, flash intros, games, banners, etc.). This helps not to waste time on unrelated items, and to easier find existing projects similar to the job that need be done. Further, we explain which technologies are used for each job and give recommendations on information that need be collected for a project. Finally, we offer a detailed Free Quote Request Form which allows to submit project information to get a free quote for it from Dynamic Systems.

So if you have a job that need be done, here is the typical procedure to use our site the best:

1) Please find our Portfolios related to your project. You may find there items similar to what you plan, or you can see additional solutions and ideas that can as well be used for your job.

2) Consider the technologies used to achieve the goal and prepare the material needed for the job. The Free Quote page explains which information may be relevant (graphical style, logic of your project, similar examples in our portfolios or on the web, deadlines, etc.).

3) When you are ready, please submit your information in Free Quote page. We will study details and present you detailed feedback and a free quote.

Good luck! :-)


Recent Blog Updates:

February 25, 2014. We completed an Electronics Store for WinGemsusa.com. Win Games USA is a store selling televisions and other electronics in  California. It is important for Win Games USA to display the quality of their products. Thisis why they needed a store that displays all product details and features.   Resources: eCommerce solution, advanced template development, payment gateway integration, PHP and Javascript programming, Javascipt applets [...] Read more >>>

February 15, 2014. CalifPalms.com – Magor Canopies Seller. California Palms specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality pop-up canopies, replacement tops, and accessories for commercial and residential use. They also are an officially registered distributer of the Flame Retardant canopies. This is why we focus in this site on the special features on the flame retardant products of California Palms!   Resources: eCommerce [...] Read more >>>

January 16, 2014. A Gallery of our BIGcommerce Stores. BigCommerce is a system that allows to build fully functional beautiful online stores to sell your products on the internet to anyone in the world. Detailed description and features list of BIGcommerce can be found here. Below is the quick list of some of the BIGcommerce stores developed by Dynamic Systems. This is not a [...] Read more >>>