Standard Business Terms


Based on our long experience in web development industry, we believe that fair and reasonable business relations are one of the key factors to a successfully completed project! Therefore, starting a project it is important to establish business terms that create the best environment for creative and effective work.


Paymnent terms


We start a project with a deposit. For projects under $500 we ask for a 50% deposit downpayment. And the remaining 50% after the client is absolutely satisfied by the completed work (and before the final upload of the files).


For larger projects a more detailed payment schedule is necessary: the main budget can be divided into parts which will be logically connected to some important milestones in the project. Please feel free to suggest your terms and schedule, too, because the terms we establish need be fair and reasonable not only for us but also for you!


Starting a project


Starting a project please give us an as detailed description of your project and your ideas as you can. At that point they need not be very well organized and presented as a clear storyboard yet. If necessary, we will try to help you to organize your ideas into an exact storyboard, and suggest technical means to complete the task.


Please do not ask us for free mocks. Our experience shows that they never lead to successfully completed high quality projects, and we never do free mocks.


These terms, of course, do not cover all business aspects of web development. So please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We in advance are very much thankful to you for your interest in our work.