Dynamic Systems Portfolios


Dynamic Systems present in these portfolios our work of past years in many areas including websites development, eCommmerce stores, Flash intros and presentations, fames, applications, 3-D modeling, marketing, ads, logos and more.


If you have a project to do, it is very good idea to start by viewing the portfolios of the related areas. This will help you now only to see the style of our work in desired area, but also will help you to see which technologies in general are available to achieve your goal.


To make portfolio browsing even easier we not only classified them by area, but also divided some of the portfolios into sections: in Web Development portfolio eCommerce stores or Flash sites are presented in a separate section, etc.. Please feel free to contact us by any questions you have about the portfolios or about your project.


Web Development
Web Development Portfolio
These are samples of our work presenting business and personal websites, eCommerce stores, contents management systems, shopping carts, site search, image galleries, Flash interactivity, animation and much more.Your project can benefit from features presented in these items.
Portfolio sections: eCommerce Stores, Corporate and Personal Websites, Flash Websites.
Intros, Presentations, Multimedia
Intros, Presentations and Multimedia Portfolio
This portfolio presents examples of Flash animations, intros, presentations, how-to guides and multimedia projects we have completed. Viewing them you may find ideas suitable for your site or company, as well.
Portfolio sections: Flash Intros, Presentations and How-to Guides, Multimedia.
Games and Entertainment
Games and Entertainment Portfolio
Games are great tools to attach the visitors' attention to your site, company or product. They are especially appropriate for sites for kids, fun sites, for the cases when advances interactivity can better explain a product or service. Please check some of the games we developed to see the potential.
Applications and 3D
Applications and 3D Portfolio
This portfolio displays examples of applications we developed using Flash, 3D modeling and other technologies. They can much enhance a site by performing an important function. Please view the samples below, and you may find it useful to have such applications also for your site or company.
Portfolio sections: Flash Applications, 3D-Modeling Applications.
Marketing, Banners, Ads, eCards
Marketing, Banners, Ads, eCards Portfolio
Portfolio features banners and ads sets we developed for various marketing campaigns of our clients, including well known companies. Some of the Flash banners are accompanied by their GIF versions, which is required by most banner distribution networks, including Google. Please also check the eCard collections.
Logos and Identity
Logos and Identity Portfolio
The logo projects we completed are in two main type: new logo design development from the scratch with their animation; and animation of already existing logos. In most cases 3D modeling is used to get better results. Whether you already have a logo or just plan to order it, please consider the option of 3D modeling and animation. All logos also can have versions for print.